Tidbits: Get your FREE Angel Reading and Connect with your Spiritual Guides and Angels

Get to the heart of the matter, with intuitive angel inspirations.

For Intuitive spiritual counseling, using your smart phone you can call for your session or text me to chat, for your comfort, healing, and peace of mind. View the Angel Oracles with me for healing inspiration while we work together on your focus questions and their solutions. It’s just like you are here with me in session one on one.

All sessions are set to 10 minute blocks of time. Please make sure you are selecting appropriate amounts of time!

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Real-time Text to Chat $3.99 per min. (ask for RTC, using your smartphone) Or pop in our New Chat Room!


(FTC) Keep me in your pocket, when you need to know now!  Ask a quick question get a fast answer via text using your cell phone. Only $25

Single Focus Intuitive
Email Readings $40.
(1 question with full detail)

Full Focus Special Extensive Email Readings $90.
(up to 5 questions)

Monthly overview Full, Extensive with Angelic Inspirations $118.

Yearly Overview Full and Extensive with Angelic Inspirations Email Reading $210.

In Person Readings (Available Upon Request)

Phone, chat room, text, your favorite messengers, email.  A Master Life Session is a session that covers all of life's focuses. Stay connected to your personal, private, spiritual, life coach for your Life questions and concerns for an entire day! This session has all of the specialties included, Spiritual healing, guidance, intuitive advice, counseling, mentoring, and even teachings! Ask for this in chat room, chat messengers, phone, text message and email modes of communication.

All sessions are set to 10 minute blocks right now so make sure you select your appropriate amount of blocks of time needed to cover all of your concerns!