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Bundles for sessions:

For your convenience, as promised, you can now purchase multiple sessions at one time. Whether you use them all at once or one at a time, it's all up to you!

Simply request which bundle you would like via text message 615-947-7352 or
email Anita@newlightlive.com

For this I will simply send you a pay pal request.

Request (Bundle RTC) for 3 to 6, 20 minute real time text chats and get 5 minutes free added to your sessions= only $120.00 for 3 and 6 for $240.00

Request (Bundle PH) for 3 to 6, 20 minute phone sessions and get 1 free 20 minute session added on to each bundle as a bonus!= $150.00 for 3 and 6 for $300.00

To request a bundle is easy as 123!

1. Choose your bundle
2. Text or email me your choice and I will send you the appropriate invoice using Pay pal.
3. Enjoy not having to worry about payment for the next few sessions!