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The Healing Awakenings subscription is a collection of information on the best therapies, techniques, treatments, nutrition, natural healing remedies, recipes, and how-to's to fit your needs. When you subscribe to Healing Awakenings here at Newlight, once a month you will get an email with mentoring guidance and suggestions tailored around your focused goals and aligned to your soul patterns.

You will receive information that will teach you ways to reset the balance of your life force, spirit, mind, body, and soul to the ways you were originally designed to live. You'll learn to live in power with nature as our storehouse of energy, vitality, and health. Spiritual and holistic living can reverse illness, restore the power God meant for you to live in, and provide you with optimal joy, peace, tranquility, and happiness. With the right information, you can tune into your own Divinity.

Tap into your life's blueprints as you learn to set habits that will naturally give you a longer life, optimal health, inspiration, and energy. You will get charts, links to videos, guidance and teachings with suggested websites for certain techniques, and how-to secrets to healing and restoring our natural state, as you slowly learn to reclaim your power in life. I have found over my many years of counseling that as I channel in to the soul patterns of each individual, there is a wealth of information streaming to me from your Guides and Angels and the Heavenly Father, The Master of your design. I am often left with this knowledge and feel it is necessary to provide a way to tap into it for those who choose to live a more spiritual and holistic life.

We live in a hectic, fast paced, high-demand, and challenging world filled with foods that have preservatives, genetically and chemically altered to extend the shelf life and increase profits. There are medicines that causes side effects similar or worse than the symptoms that we find ourselves afflicted with. We put our bodies through stress and overwork with little time for necessary maintenance for the soul, spirit, body or mind. This offsets the balance and creates a vicious cycle of problems to compensate the natural flow of chi energy. We can help you find ways to turn that around in this day and time. Living in tune with nature and Divine Spirit is the key to fulfillment of life. Come together with us as we share new habits and new ways to restore our knowledge and our power, setting the foundation to the Kingdom of a Glory filled life.

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