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Online Angel Readings

Looking for a cure to get you through the night, get you through the next day, next career or next relationship? As a Professional Angel Intuitive Reader I'm here for you!  My goal is to be a channel of light for you as we work through your questions. As a Professional Intuitive Angel Reader for 20 years, I have helped clients worldwide as a Personal Private healer of body, mind, spirit and soul. A mentor you can believe in for your healings, readings, workshops and events.

  • Intuitive Career Guidance
  • Medical Intuition for holistic healing
  • Life Questions
  • Law of Attraction
  • Reduce Stress
  • Awaken your spiritual gifts
  • Spiritual guidance with love and relationships
  • Release blockages from your spirit

Text or Call 615-947-7352 or schedule an appointment.

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Here at Newlight we provide events, workshops, and personal one on one readings.

I also offer Healing Chakra sessions for clearing, charging, and aligning the seven energy centers of the soul.

Feel free to sample our Guided Meditations for free, then download the audio for at home therapy.

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When hope and faith are restored by the message, you feel reborn, refreshed, and renewed. That is why I call my business Newlight!

Pop in to get acquainted, introduce yourself, and try the public chat room it’s free to try it out!